Cool Effects: How to Add Effects in your Coloring page using the number coloring app

Are you wondering how you can add an effect in your coloring page using the Number Coloring App? Then, here’s how!

adding effects of a coloring page
An adult coloring app is a fun way to relax your body and mind.

An adult coloring app is a good way to relieve stress and promote relaxation. Besides, using one comes with a lot of benefits, both physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

The idea of adult coloring has been around for ages. In fact, there are a lot of them in the app market already. And the competition is tighter than ever. 

They compete to be the best that every one of them is trying to add more tools and features in as much as they can. But other adult coloring apps want to keep it lowkey and simple.

Regardless of what the app is, one of the most sought features of an adult coloring app is the effects that come with it. Well, this isn’t surprising given how photo effects can alleviate and turn a simple photo into a stunning piece of art. 

This is where the Number Coloring App sets the line that separates it from other adult coloring apps. 

Continue reading the article and find out. 

Number Coloring App

The Number Coloring App is one of the best adult coloring apps today.

The Number Coloring App by Mafooly is a free adult coloring app that is available on both Android and iOS devices. It comes with hundreds of absolutely free premium drawings and coloring pages in different categories ranging from florals, animals, places, mandalas, cars, gifts, people, ocean, lifestyle, patterns, and so more.

What is even amazing is that you can create your own coloring pages too. With it, you can be more creative with your photos while adding a touch of art in it. 

You’ll never run out of color to use with the app as well since there are a ton of beautiful colors to choose from. Choosing the color that you want from the palette is even possible. 

But the best thing that this app has to offer is that it allows you to add colorful effects to your works. Who says that such apps are boring, right?

How to Add Effects in Your Coloring Page Using the Number Coloring App

Using the app is quite easy with its very simple and intuitive user interface. It has a lot of tools that you can use to make your artwork look even more amazing. This includes adding effects to it. 

The Number Coloring App has beautifully designed filters that you can use at your disposal. Applying filters into what you have done isn’t complicated at all.

It actually only takes a few slides and taps and you can already enhance the adult coloring page that you have created. 

To make it clearer, here’s how you can add effects to your artwork using the Number Coloring App. 

Step 1

Open the app, choose a template, then color it. Once you are done coloring your chosen template, click “Next” located at the upper right side of the screen.

Step 2

Tap the “Add Filters” button which you can at the lower part of the screen. The letters are in upper case, just between the saving options, so finding it is easy. 

Step 3

Choose the filter that you want to apply. There are around 24 artistic filters to choose from. 

Slide to the right to access all of them. You can try out every one of them to figure out which suits best the coloring page that you have worked on. 

Step 4

Once you have chosen a filter, click “Apply” at the upper right side of the screen. Do not forget to do this in order for the filter to remain on the coloring page. 

Step 5 

Once done, do not forget to save your work by clicking on the download button. 

If not, you can directly share it into your different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Viber. This is a good option if you want to share your work with your family or friends. 

Another option for you is to send it via email. Just tap the email logo. Lastly, you can publish it for the whole iColor App community to take a look at.

The Benefits of Adding Effects or Filters into Photos

Are filters really necessary to add on your coloring pages or any other photos? Well, it’s not mandatory to apply a filter but doing so comes with a lot of benefits. Some of them are as follows:

It Adds Color and Contrast

Adding a filter is a great way to enhance your output. With it, your coloring pages become more colorful and lively. 

Filters have the capacity to make a photo livelier most especially with the background. They can also reduce any reflection and can restore or enhance the colors found in your artwork. 

Somewhat, filters also help you blend the colors that you’ve used. It gives your work a good contract making it look more attractive and aesthetic.

It Makes a Piece More Interesting 

Let’s admit it. Sometimes, seeing a plain page is boring. And more often than not, you want to see more colors, patterns, and effects to make it more interesting.

Adding effects or filters into a coloring page makes the background less dull as well. Effects like a mosaic, ripple patterns, linear effects, and distortions, gives these coloring pages a tweak as it makes it more visually fascinating. 

These effects also can boost or subdue colors or change color balances. With it, your coloring pages will come out with well-blended colors.

It Enhances the Mood of Your Coloring Page

Adding effects enhances or changes the mood or feel of your coloring pages. In doing so, you must have a clear idea of what mood you want to portray on your coloring page. 

What is good about the effects of the iColor App is that they are very versatile. So, you’ll never go wrong with them. 

But what is even more amazing is that there are effects that are specially designed to portray certain emotions. With this, choosing what you want to come out with is way easier.

It Ignites Your Creativity

Adding effects on your coloring page can ignite your creativity. Yes, your creativity doesn’t end once you have colored a page. 

Instead, how creative you are is measured even more with how you will choose a filter or an effect that will blend well with the coloring page. While all filters of the iColor App are equally beautiful, choosing the best one for your coloring page is necessary. 

The right filter will make your output more creative. It will make it more artistic and pleasing to the eyes. 

Applying a filter can also help you figure out if you need to adjust the colors of your coloring pages or not. This will help you come out with the best coloring page yet.


The Number Coloring App is one of the best activities that you can do today. It’s also a good bonding moment between you and your child or your entire family.

It’s flexibility, such as its capacity to add effects, is a great way to exercise your mind and your eyes at the same time. But much more than that, adding an effect into it just really brings a coloring page into another level, right?

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Related Questions

Why should I add an effect on my coloring page?

Adding an effect in your coloring page enhances the overall aesthetic of your output. It makes it more interesting and less dull in as much as it helps you blend together all the colors that you have used.

How will I choose the best effect for my coloring page?

Doing it is very simple. To be more sure about it, try applying all the filters available and carefully figure or which among them is best suited for your coloring page. It will also help if you know what look you are aiming for.

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