Indulge and Color: Coloring by Number App Featuring Delectable Food

Indulge and Color: Coloring by Number App Featuring Delectable Food

Indulge and Color: Coloring by Number App Featuring Delectable Food

pixel art Apps Store color by numbers Google Play color by numbers Google Play

Indulge and Color: Coloring by Number App Featuring Delectable Food

pixel art Apps Store color by numbers Google Play color by numbers Google Play

Take your love for food to the next level by using a coloring by number app that features mouthwatering food coloring pages.

Food lovers don’t just love feasting over delectable food, but they also enjoy taking photos of their meal. Sharing pictures of delicious food has become normal nowadays. High camera optics, good lighting, and excellent food preparation result in food photos that make our mouth water. 

You can take your love for food to the next level. iColor Club is a coloring by number app that features a table of indulging food coloring pages! 

From fruits and vegetables, desserts, beverages, to sumptuous heavy meals, you can now color the foods you’ve always loved. Coloring them to life is easy, thanks to the pixels with numbers that correspond to the paint color you must use. 

iColor Club is not the best coloring by number app for no reason. It boasts a plateful of fantastic features that everybody can enjoy. This coloring by number app will surely satisfy your hunger for creativity!

iColor Club Coloring by Number App Features


Coloring by number

Of course, the most prominent feature of the iColor Club app is the intricate coloring pages simplified using numbered pixels. Each number corresponds to the most appropriate color that best fits the spot.

The pixels are so small that you have to zoom in to make them appear bigger. At first glance, coloring by number seems like filling boxes with colors. But wait until you see the bigger picture. 

Once you have completed coloring all the small boxes, you will be surprised by the result—a life-like painting of your favorite food. 

Because of the pixel-structure of the coloring pages, alongside the numbers that guide you in picking the right colors, everyone will enjoy using this app—young or old, beginner or pro. 

A long table of food coloring pages

All the foods are ready and waiting for you. We have a rich library of coloring pages featuring your favorite food: fruits, vegetables, root crops, desserts, burgers, or fries. 

The best part of it is that this coloring by number app lets you use many of its food coloring pages without charging you a single dime. To put it simply, most of the coloring pages are for free!

Coloring by number app that features not just food

iColor Club is a coloring by number app abundant in coloring pages. By downloading this app, you get over 1,000 coloring pages in various themes. 

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  • color-by-nunber-app-sample

Our Fashion coloring pages feature the most stunning and sophisticated clothing. We also got buildings with intricate structures, animals, and people. There’s so many to choose from; you will never fall short of coloring pages to color. 

Turn your photo into a coloring page


Unlike other coloring apps, iColor Club allows you to transform your photos into coloring pages. That means you can turn your egg-and-bacon breakfast, or that grilled sub sandwich you have for lunch, into a coloring page!

You can customize the pixel sizes. The smaller they are, the more intricate they become. That also means more boxes to color. But worry not, we guarantee a satisfying and rewarding result. 

Colors that make food even more vibrant

iColor Club features a wide spectrum of colors you can use to bring your coloring pages into life! We have virtually unlimited colors for you, so you can always paint your coloring pages just the way you want them. 

By having all the colors you want at your fingertips, you can enter the world of creativity where the possibilities are endless. Explore new colors and make unique masterpieces. 

A world for all artists and share your food with others

Check out what other artists have completed by visiting the Inspiration page. The inspiration feed shows all the published work by other iColor Club artists.

You can visit the Inspiration page to learn new ideas or see how other artists do their coloring pages. Show other artists your appreciation by giving their published artwork a heart or by commenting. 

You may also publish your work to inspire others. This coloring by number app automatically generates a name for you, which you can change in the My Work page. 

Save your food for later

Unlike real food that goes bad when you leave it for many hours, your food coloring pages will always be as good as you left them. Color your favorite delectable food and resume your work anytime you want. 

Your coloring page will automatically be saved in the My Work tab. You won’t have to worry about going back to square one. 

Start coloring on a food coloring page, leave the app whenever you want to, and resume your artwork anytime. 

iColor Club is a coloring by number app featuring delectable food coloring pages. It packs many fantastic features that make coloring a super fun and relaxing activity. It’s perfect not just for adults but also for children. 

The Benefits of Coloring by Number App

Coloring alone serves a lot of mental and emotional benefits—no doubt that coloring apps have become an international trend for the past couple of years. 

Researchers have found the coloring reduces depressive symptoms significantly. Studies also found that coloring helps ease anxiety and worry. Even those who suffer from drug abuse can find relaxation and peace of mind by engaging in a coloring activity. 

Note, however, that you can reap more benefits in a coloring by number app. Consider the following:

A coloring by number app boosts creativity

A pixel coloring page contains numbered uncolored pixels, and the numbers in them determine what color to use. Does it limit your creativity? Not necessarily. The boxes indicate numbers that correspond to the color you must use. However, you can always interchange the colors as you see fit. 

Moreover, the pixels will guide you to fill the coloring page with colors. This can help you in your future art activities!

Improves your concentration


As you focus on coloring the empty pixels, your brain centers its attention to the activity at hand. You’re highly likely to divert your attention to mix-matching colors, forgetting the stresses and troubles in everyday life. 

This kind of coloring activity also helps you to improve your attention to detail. You don’t want to miss any spots that could ruin the bigger picture. 

Gives you a chance to solve a mystery

The uncolored pixels are so small that you need to zoom in to make them bigger. When you zoom in, you will only see the small boxes. This gives you a sense of mystery, as you wouldn’t know the result until you fill all the pixels. 

A coloring by number app is like a mosaic that ‘hides’ a picture in various shapes. 

Relaxes your mind

When you’re swamped with tons of workload and stuffed with worries, you have to take a break and give yourself some time to chill. The last thing you want is to get burnt out. 

Allow yourself to immerse in an activity that relaxes your body and mind. A coloring by number app is a great way to de-stress. You can use iColor Club in your lunch break at work or in your commute to and from work. 

Helps you get better at drawing and painting

You can use coloring by number technique to improve your drawing and painting skills. The numbers and colors help you determine what color to use and where to apply them. 

You will soon be able to paint a blank canvas and choose the right pigments to apply in specific areas of your drawing. 


Take your love for food to the next level. With a coloring by number app like the iColor Club, you can take a photo of your meal and turn it into a coloring page with numbered pixels. Or, you can browse our library of coloring pages featuring foods and other designs. 

Coloring serves many mental and emotional benefits—it eases your mind and puts you in a relaxing state. It’s a great activity for both young and adult. 

Related Questions

Can a coloring by number app help improve sleeping problems?

Yes. Coloring is a relaxing activity that kicks away undue stress and anxiety, which are the most common causes of insomnia. It also works the same as meditation. When you’re in a meditative state, you’re likely to block negative thoughts that can cause sleep deprivation. 

Can coloring help improve relationships?

Yes. Sharing this fun activity with your loved ones can improve your relationships with them. 

Download iColor Club now!

iColor Club is a free-to-download coloring app for adults. You can download it on your iOS or Android devices. 

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