Coloring by Numbers App with Detailed and Complicated Designs

What’s the secret to overcoming addiction? How can art help me through the recovery period? Can coloring with a pixel color app help me through this process?

Overcoming addiction through something as simple as the Pixel Color app is actually possible. This is a great tool to keep you busy and your mind away from distractions that could lead to a relapse.  


Overcoming Addiction With Art Is One Of The Best Therapy Methods On The Road To Recovery
Overcoming Addiction With Art Is One Of The Best Therapy Methods On The Road To Recovery

Overcoming addiction involves a process of removing stimuli that may trigger a person to relapse into old habits. This could be the physical removal of a person from an environment conducive to that bad habit. It could also be done by forming new, more productive habits that empower the individual to progress.

Replace Old Bad Habits With New Good Habits
Replace Old Bad Habits With New Good Habits

Art has been used for many decades as a therapeutic tool. This is because engaging in artistic activities challenges the individual to work with their hands and think with their minds. This requires focus and dedication. Needless to say, distractions fall by the wayside when you engage in artistic pursuits.

The Pixel Color App can help you in overcoming addiction by providing a tool to keep you busy. Because everything’s provided for you, it removes the stress of thinking about what to create and how to go about doing it. Instead, it leads you to projects you can work with at once, with instructions clear enough to follow leading to many hours of productivity on your part through your mobile device.


Benefits Of Coloring With The Pixel Color App

What are the benefits of coloring with the Pixel Color app?

Art Therapy Has Many Benefits For Those Overcoming Addiction
Art Therapy Has Many Benefits For Those Overcoming Addiction

Many adults end up losing that child-like approach to viewing the world as they grow up. Stress, anxiety, physical and mental exhaustion, and depression affect adults all over the world. This often leads to people seeking ways to entertain themselves through habit-forming vices that could seriously affect their lives.

Sadly, very few people turn towards recreational activities that could help them become more physically fit or more creative.

So here’s an alternative for you: download the Pixel Color app and do something creative when you’re feeling down or bored. Need more reasons why? Here are a few:


Coloring Brings Back Great Childhood Memories

Try to think back on your earliest childhood memories and you’ll probably remember coloring as being a big part of it. This is why coloring book apps have become quite popular these days. That sense of nostalgia adults feel when they color is something that no amount of money can afford.


Creativity Increases Productivity

Want to boost your work performance? Studies have shown that adults who are given creative outlets mark a significant increase in their productivity right after. This is because creativity challenges your brain to see things from a different perspective. Once you’ve reached that point of realization, everything else will seem to fall into place.

This also works well for those overcoming addiction. The boost in productivity helps you focus on creating more and making more positive contributions to society as an upstanding individual. This could potentially help you stay on the straight and narrow while having fun at the same time.


Coloring Relieves Stress And Anxiety

Much of stress is brought about by thinking of problems and other challenges you face on a daily basis. So, how would you like to turn your thoughts off for a few minutes and relieve your stress and anxiety?

Relieve Stress And Anxiety Through productivity
Relieve Stress And Anxiety Through productivity

Coloring requires very minimal thinking as you focus on the task at hand. This is great for those who are overcoming addiction as it diverts their attention towards something more productive.


This Is A Great Introduction To Art Therapy

Art therapy is one of the recommended routes you can take in overcoming addiction. The only problem with this is that art appreciation often takes years to develop. Visiting museums and looking at the works of masters is one way to immerse yourself in the art world but retaining all that information might be a bit too much for some.

Using the Pixel Color app introduces artwork done by expert designers but you complete the rest. So, what you basically see is the framework of an unfinished project. Investing your time and attention towards completing it will give you a better appreciation of art.

Once finished, you can appreciate your artwork and congratulate yourself on a job well done.


Art Without The Mess

Let’s face it: art can be messy. You’d also need to lug around all your tools if you want to have access to it whenever and wherever the inspiration hits you. This can be very inconvenient for someone who lives a busy life. This might also prove counter-productive for someone overcoming addiction as the burden of carrying things around is very stressful and exhausting.

Because the Pixel Color app is digital in form, everything you need is conveniently inside your mobile device.


The Pixel Color App Is An Inexpensive Tool

Our pixel color apps, Fashion Pixel Art and Color by Numbers, are free to download. There are hundreds of projects you can work with. New designs are also being uploaded on a regular basis. What more do you need?


How To Choose What To Color

The Pixel Color app has many projects for you to color. These can come in many forms.

For the most part, it’s actually easy to start coloring once you have the app downloaded into your mobile device. But, as time goes on, you’ll find the need to challenge yourself.

So, how do you choose what to color?

Think of what it is that interests you the most. It could be anything from landscapes to fashion to cars. The Pixel Color app has it all and more. By narrowing your search down, you’ll be working with the things you hold dearest to your heart.

Let’s say you picked out fashion and started working on dresses. Now, there are already preset colors there that you can use. It is how you employ it that makes it more unique. Your real-world experience will tell you how to make that dress project look better than what is suggested on the app.

It’s a pretty straight-forward process which should be a good thing in your journey towards full recovery.

All you have to do is find what you fancy most and start working on it.



Overcoming addiction is a process that takes time and vigilance. Any time you feel the urge to give in or if a relapse is imminent, try using the Pixel Color app.

Art Therapy Is A Very Effective Tool For Overcoming Addiction
Art Therapy Is A Very Effective Tool For Overcoming Addiction

Using the Pixel Color app as a tool for overcoming addiction is one of the best ways you can make yourself productive. It’s easy to use and does not require too much stressing over how to start the project and how to make it look better. All you really have to do is follow the instructions presented and color as is to finish the first of many pieces of art you produce.

The bright colors and satisfaction of finishing a project should make this an enjoyable experience. Make sure you focus on the task at hand and try to complete it with your full attention to keep yourself from getting distracted and falling off the wagon.

Last but not least, enjoy every moment so as to associate coloring with pleasure.

That’s it. Enjoy coloring with the Pixel Color app. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, download it here.


Related Questions

Can You Still Be The Life Of The Party Even When You’re Sober?

Yes. For as long as obvious triggers are removed within the immediate vicinity you should be good to go. You also need to be conscious about what you’re doing and take necessary rest periods to compose yourself if the timeout is needed. Engaging in social activities is still part of the process of overcoming addiction.


What Would Trigger A Relapse?

A relapse can be triggered by different things. It varies from one person to the next. Here are some common triggers to help minimize the chances of a relapse occurring during your period of overcoming addiction:

  • Strong emotions – these can be negative or positive emotions. Stress, sadness, anger, or trauma are examples of negative emotions. On the other hand, happiness and the need for more can also trigger a relapse.
  • Craving – these are hard to resist, especially if a person has been accustomed to the addiction for a long time. This can pop up any time without warning.
  • Physical discomfort – pain or withdrawal symptoms can trigger a want to go back to old habits.
  • Conflict – this can add stress and other negative emotions especially when the victim is fighting with close family members.
  • Social pressure – this is why there is a need to physically distance one’s self from other people who may lead you back to the addiction
  • Challenging one’s self – sometimes victims feel like they’ve overcome their addiction enough to the point that giving in for just one more try won’t make them fall back into old habits.

When you feel like a relapse is imminent, take a moment to compose yourself and ask for help. Coloring with Pixel Color app can help you relax until someone is available to lend you a hand.


What Are The Different Type Of Addiction Treatment Programs?

Overcoming addiction problems takes form in many different ways. You can have it treated at home, in a hospital, through an outpatient program, or through living in a sober community. The most important thing is to remove the stimuli that cause the relapse and place the individual in an environment conducive to healing.