Coloring Gallery: Ideas on How to Display your Color By Number App Creations Online

Got a coloring gallery you’d like the world to see? Need ideas on how to display your color by number app creations online?  

Artists are notoriously shy about promoting their work as a business. Some believe that when business and creativity meet, usually, one or the other suffers.

Got a coloring gallery you’d like the world to see? Here are some ideas on how to display your color by number app creations online
Got a coloring gallery you’d like the world to see? Here are some ideas on how to display your color by number app creations online

But artists also have bills to pay, a living to make, and a need to share their creativity with the world. How do you go about it without the fear of selling out?

Well, thanks to the digital age, artists can now advertise their works without seeming too enterprising in their endeavors.

So, here are some ways you can display your Color By Number app creations.

Use Social Media To Your Advantage

There’s FaceBook. There’s Instagram. Twitter, Pinterest, and a whole slew of Social Media platforms that you can share basically anything to everyone. These social media platforms make it a perfect venue for you to showcase your Color by Number app coloring gallery.

Use Social Media To Your Advantage
Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Here are some great social media sites to publish your work in so you can get started on promoting your work and get a good following.


Undoubtedly the best and most popular social media platform to post your work in because you can publish photos, videos, posts, connect with people, and instantly send messages back and forth. If you’re not keen on starting a website, getting a Facebook page is the next best thing.

You can then use that Facebook page as a landing site for people who are interested in your work. So, use this site as the primary site to share your Color by Number app coloring gallery and watch your popularity soar through the roof.


Since most of your work published online will be in photo form, the most logical social media site to post it in is where people expect it the most. Take photos of your coloring gallery ideas and post them to get instantaneous feedback.

The great thing about Instagram is that you can link it to your Facebook page, Twitter account, and Tumblr site. So, all you have to do is create a post and make sure you click on the instant sharing button so that it appears on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr instantaneously.

Your Color by Number app coloring gallery can easily be shared through Instagram with a few clicks. You can also take a screenshot of your work and share it in that manner.


This is more of an instant messaging app that lets you connect with people all over the world. A single tweet has the ability to garner hundreds of followers if the content warrants a second look.

Another great thing about Twitter is that you can share any type of content on it and receive direct messages from anyone all over the world. So, once you’re finished with your Color by Number app coloring gallery project, share it on Twitter and let the world react to your work and send you DMs.


Another image sharing site loved by people all over the world. Users can pin images they like to their own board ensuring a loyal following each time you upload an image.

This is where artists can also get inspiration for future projects. Maybe you can get your inspiration for your next Color by Number app coloring gallery through this site too!

Don’t be shy about it. Everyone else is doing it. So, why shouldn’t you?

Join A Forum

Community boards are great places where people can exchange their ideas with practically anyone. Here’s where you can post your Color by Number app coloring gallery and ask people to make a comment or give a critique of your finished project.

Connect With Others Through A Forum
Connect With Others Through A Forum

Now don’t take it personally if someone says something negative. Instead, use that as constructive criticism that can improve your current skills beyond your imagination.

Join A Dedicated Art Site

There are sites out there like Deviant Art where you can post your coloring gallery as a way to showcase your finished projects. There are a lot of people who follow this site and they can do basically the same thing that most people do on social media platforms like comment, like, and share your work.

Who knows? You might even snag a client or two from this site if they like your work enough to commission your services.

Post Videos While You Work

One of the most fascinating things is watching how a story unfolds. In the same manner, a blank canvas transforming into a magnificent painting before your very eyes provides a satisfying experience.

Taking Videos Of You Working Can Help You Mark Your Progress
Taking Videos Of You Working Can Help You Mark Your Progress

Take a video of yourself as you start a project on the Color by Number app until its conclusion. If you want to edit it, use an app like the zShot App. This app can also help you create slideshows, edit photos, and make interesting, professionally made videos.

Create A Website

How’d you like to have an entire gallery all to yourself? If you have the money, sure, you could do that. You could build a brick and mortar gallery and hope people visit it (and hopefully buy some of your paintings) regularly enough to give you enough to keep the lights on.

Or, you could simply put up a small amount of money to buy a domain name, buy some hosting, and create a website. That’s a far cheaper way to get some space to exhibit your coloring gallery!

Now all you need is to fill that space up with pictures of your work, some blog entries, a few videos perhaps, some links to where more of your work can be found, and people to follow you.

Parting Words

Be proactive with your career as an artist.

The beauty of promotion is you can do it online and offline.

Let’s say you already have your website set up and shared it on your social media platforms. Is that enough?

Maybe. And maybe not. There’s no clear-cut, 100% successful technique when it comes to promotion except for doing the actual act of marketing yourself. You have to be proactive about your success. Use your website as a 24/7 gallery to showcase your work and serve as a business card.

Consistently produce content whether that comprises coloring gallery projects, videos, blog posts, or simply replying to queries. Talk to your family, friends, and close associates. Ask them to help share the word about you. After all, they should be your first supporters, right?

Accommodate questions from strangers, join conventions, attend galleries, and become a part of your local art group.

Lastly, have a business card made with contact numbers and your web address on it. This is for those times when you meet someone and want to leave an impression that could potentially lead to a sale.

You might feel hesitant at first about doing all these marketing activities but in time, you’ll get the hang of it. Consistent practice will make you more confident in your interactions with others and the more you develop a spiel, the better you’ll be able to develop it.

And promotion might seem like a full-time job but it gets easier over time.

It all starts with the first step.


A coloring gallery is a great way to showcase your art. Producing images that are fit for public consumption can lead to greater things in your career as an artist. The more people enjoy your work, the better.

Artists also have to come to terms that promoting themselves isn’t entirely that bad. It isn’t also all about selling art. In fact, that should be the last thing on your mind even if you do intend to sell your work. Promoting one’s self is about making meaningful connections with other people.

This can lead to people getting interested in you to the point that they will want to buy your art.

So, displaying a color gallery can lead to great things even if you didn’t plan to do so in the first place. If for anything else, this can be an adventure in meeting new people, talking about art, exchanging ideas, and hopefully making you a part of their lives in some way or another.

Related Questions

I Just Found Out Someone Is Using My Art For Their Own Benefit And Profit. How Can I Get Them To Take It Down?

You can send a takedown notice to the offender. It is within your rights as the original creator. There are conditions attached to this though: you have to ensure you own the copyright of the artwork, the infringement isn’t covered by the fair use policy, and proof that the work in digital form was infringed online deliberately. 

Websites that comply with the DMCA can then help you enforce this. Violators may be fined up to $25,000.00 if they refuse to comply with the takedown notice within the specified time period.

Is It Still Necessary To Place Watermarks On My Artwork?

Yes. Watermarks may change the look of your artwork but they do serve a purpose. Watermarks make your artwork instantly recognizable as yours. It also helps prove that someone deliberately used your artwork without your permission should they choose to try and erase it.

Watermarks help you prove your claim on work you’ve shared online and it’s easy to attach these onto your work using even the most rudimentary photo editing tool.

Is Tiling A Better Way To Protect My Work?

Yes. Tiling is the process of cutting or slicing a digital photograph into multiple pieces and then uploading it back as one piece onto your webpage. Mind you, this process is very time-consuming and the length of time needed to complete the process highly depends on the image’s size and resolution.