Unleash your inner creativity.

About Us

Adults deal with hectic schedules and other inevitable challenges in life. Almost everyone has no time for their hobbies such as coloring. Here at Mafooly and Gamma Web Ltd, one of our goals is to help adults regain their energy through easy-to-use and fun coloring apps. That is why we created the free apps, Color By Numbers and Pixel Art Coloring. 

Through these apps, you can color pretty pictures anytime and anywhere. No need to find a desk or pencil colors that will run out. You won’t need to trace drawings. Just launch our apps on your device and start coloring right away!

Color By Numbers

Want to learn how to mix and match the right colors? Practice with our Color by Numbers app. By using it, you’ll know which colors go best with each other. Eventually, you’ll be an ace at pairing colors in your drawings, making them more coherent and pleasing to look at. And because it’s so easy to use, you’ll be producing beautifully colored drawings in no time.

Pixel Art Coloring

Who says only artists can color? Making art should be for everyone, young or old. Pixel Art Coloring makes coloring easier and more accurate for you with the pixel style artworks. You can do your own renditions of one of the 300+ pixel drawings every month.

Get Color by Number and Pixel Art Coloring.

We created these apps with your inner desires in mind. Unleash your inner creativity. It’s time for you to wow the world!