Fashion Pixel

Relaxation you deserve at your fingertips.

Turn your stress into stunning masterpieces.


Fashion Pixel Art lets you dive into therapeutic coloring. It transforms your anxieties into fantastic fashion artwork. 

Created by a team no stranger to superior app development, Fashion Pixel Art is a great app to keep worries off your mind.

It is your portal to a peaceful state of mind. 

Get more from life with art

Overflowing coloring pages

We want you to enjoy coloring fashion pixel art and get the relaxation you deserve. Fashion Pixel Art has a wide collection of fashion coloring pages ranging from hairdos, dresses, makeups, to beautifully dressed anime characters. 

With a collection of this size, you will always have something to work on every day. Plus, we are constantly updating our coloring pages to bring you new and unique fashion pages to color. 

Our library of fashion coloring pages will also inspire you to try new clothing trends and discover new styles.


Beautiful and rich color palettes

We believe that the best pixel coloring app should house all imaginable colors. But here’s the thing: we always do what we believe in. 

iColor Club gives you virtually endless color palettes, so you can always bring your imagination to life! We have a collection of basic colors, along with other palettes based on different seasons and themes.

A place to inspire and get inspired

Fashion Pixel Art has a colony of artists. The Inspiration tab is a place to get inspiration from other artists’ works. You can browse the artworks that other artists shared and published. 

You can give other artists a heart to show appreciation. Or, better yet, express how much you like their work by commenting.


Fashion, Art, and Everything Nice ✨

Fashion and art work hand in hand. So we’ve developed Fashion Pixel Art, so art buffs like you can have a place to express your creativity and love of  art and fashion. 

De-stress and ease your mind with Fashion Pixel Art

Fashion has always been an important part of our life. For time immemorial, humans have always expressed value in clothing, style, and sophistication. We are always fascinated by intricate designs, colors, and clothes with edgy looks. 

You can turn your love for fashion into a relaxing and de-stressing coloring activity. Fashion pixel art apps have become an international trend, targeting adults who seek solace in both fashion and art. 

Everyday problems and worries have profound and long-lasting adverse effects on our body. Stress, for example, can increase the risk of inflammation, which can result in diabetes, depression, and risk of heart disease. The good news is that you can transform your anxiety into beautiful fashion art masterpieces using a fashion pixel art app.

A fashion pixel art app can help ease anxiety by relaxing the mind and body. You can use a coloring app to fill empty moments—while commuting to and from work, waiting for the bus, or standing in a queue. 

The best thing about having a compact fashion pixel art app is that you don’t have to worry about carrying coloring supplies (and the risk of losing them). Everything you need—from color palettes to coloring pages—are inside your coloring app. 

Coloring apps, in general, offer a plateful of benefits

5 therapeutic benefits of coloring

Coloring does more than just fill empty moments. It offers a bunch of mental, emotional, and physical benefits, too!

Makes you more creative.

A fashion pixel art does not only fill empty moments and relieve stress, but it also improves your creativity skills. When you’re working from nine to five every day, you barely have time to express your creativity. This is true, especially if you hold several other obligations outside of your work. 

Daily stressful situations and work pressure steal your time to focus on your creativity. Spending at least 15 minutes using a fashion pixel art app can lift your creativity skills. 

It’s not a lot of time, but it sure can help you divert your attention and focus on an activity that can ease your mind while improving your imaginativeness and ingenuity.


Strengthens your left and right brain.

Coloring strengthens both your cerebral hemispheres, that is, the left and right brain. Studies show that the left brain functions for logical thinking, while the right brain performs tasks that have to do with art and creativity. 

When you are engaged in a fashion pixel art app, you choose colors, intricate designs, and patterns. That alone invigorates the left side of your brain. On the other hand, as you mix-match colors and picture the overall fashion design, you allow your right brain to exercise your creativity. 

Improves sleep and focus.

Lack of sleep does nothing good for the body. It only makes you grumpy and irritated. Also, when you don’t get enough sleep, you’re less likely to focus throughout your day, affecting your work and everyday activities. 

A fashion pixel art app can help decrease activity in the amygdala, which controls our emotions when under stress. And when this happens, you can focus more on the coloring activity and stop thinking about your problems and things that stress you. 


Enhances positive thoughts.

Negative thinking has several adverse effects on the body. Remember, positive thinking creates positive results. The same goes for negative thoughts—it can bring you negative results. 

When you focus on coloring, your mind centers its attention on the activity at hand. Coloring seldom diverts your mind towards negative thoughts. 

As you concentrate on choosing colors and completing your coloring page, your mind gets rid of undue anxieties, worries, and negative thoughts. 

Eases the mind and relieves stress.

A life without a single droplet of stress is something we all wish for, but no one can afford such luxury. 

Researchers have found that coloring has cognitive and affective effects on the body. It also improves mindful attention and creative cognition, according to one study

Experts also agree that using coloring books is a steadfast method of developing a mindfulness practice routine