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Get the satisfaction from coloring with little effort.

Get satisfaction with little effort.

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Color by Numbers is a coloring book app for adults developed by Mafooly and Gamma Web Ltd. It’s currently free to download for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, or iTouch.) 

Color by Numbers app lets you color a cool pixel artwork—but without the painstaking effort of choosing the right colors! Just lean back, relax, and focus on filling in the numbered pixels… In no time, you will complete an adorable, colorful pixel drawing.

Stress-free, satisfying coloring.

Different, quirky items and people to color

On the app, you can color different pixel drawings, ranging from lipstick, rockstars, pianos, bags, sunglasses, shoes, flowers, etc. There are no scenes on the collection—just simple but fun items you can color.

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Zoom in to color each pixel

You won’t have a hard time filling in each numbered pixel with a zoom-in feature. Just squeeze out the screen and you can magnify a group of pixels in a drawing easily. 

Easy-to-access palette

Our chosen palette for each drawing is easily accessible—it’s located below the drawing itself. You can scroll the colors sideways and tap each of them. Each color on the palette has a corresponding number, which matches a group of pixels on the drawing above. 

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new artworks

A new set of pixel artworks added monthly

We don’t want you to get bored with the same drawings. That’s why we make sure to add up to 300 pixel artworks every month on the app. 

Share and impress your friends on social media

Done coloring a cute pixel art? Don’t hide it in your gallery. You can share them and wow your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, and more. You can also download your work later.

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Why use Color by Numbers?

With Color by Numbers app, you won’t need to go through a maze just to feel relaxed and satisfied. 

Destress without jumping through several hoops.

We know, we know. Everyone should take care of themselves. You need a massage, a video game, a cheesecake… You’d do anything to relax. However, these days, especially with our situation, relaxing will require you to jump through hoops. You may need to take a few steps before you can truly take a break. 

What if you need to relax but you don’t have enough time? Surely, most massage parlors are not open for business. A video game can only be good if you win all the time. And you wouldn’t want extra carbs with a slice of cheesecake, right? 

If you want to destress in the easiest way, whip up the Color by Numbers app and start coloring. With the colors already chosen, you won’t need to take the time and extra effort in choosing the right color combinations. Just match the numbered pixel to the color on the palette and you will complete a beautiful pixel art in no time.

Jumpstart your deep focusing skill.

Did you know that deep work is the ideal solution to waning productivity? Deep work is the skill of focusing on a demanding work task. Cal Newport wrote an entire book about it, which is Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World. 

In our stressful, distracting world right now, you will need deep work. That’s because no matter what you do, you will always encounter some kind of distraction somehow. As a result, you need to practice focusing on your own. After all, you can’t control your environment all the time. That’s why you need to cultivate deep work. 

You know what’s a good and easy way to practice deep work? Use Color by Numbers app. Our pixel drawings can help enhance your focusing skills without you breaking a sweat. You just need to focus on filling in each numbered pixel until you complete the artwork. 

Get that sweet satisfaction of completing something—quickly!

Life is already chaotic. It would even be more chaotic without checklists. There’s a great reason why checklists help so many people become productive. And the same principle behind this applies to coloring a pixel drawing here on Color by Numbers app. 

Checklists help dampen the Zeigarnik effect, which happens when a person is better at recalling things they have to do rather than the things they have done. Checklists help eliminate this effect since they provide proof of the things you already accomplished through tasks’ checkboxes. This, in turn, makes you feel more productive since you can see your progress.

Similarly, a numbered pixel drawing can give you that satisfaction of being productive. A numbered pixel drawing is just like a task you need to complete. The palette is already there—you just need to fill in each box with the correct color until you complete the artwork. 

Oh, and when you do complete an artwork, you can savor in that satisfying feeling of accomplishing something. We can guarantee that!

You will not have to tolerate mismatched colors.

Do you know the exact reason why you find some artworks appealing and others unattractive? We do have different tastes in art; however, as humans, we all have an innate affinity for symmetrical things. That is why those artworks you found appealing probably have good symmetry, whether in their colors or shapes. 

Our brains love symmetry because it also loves order. Our brain is like a calculator—at first glance, it looks at objects as a whole by adding the parts together, rather than the individual elements. That’s why it loves symmetry because it is wholeness in its essence. Looking at symmetrical objects even gives our brain an emotional pleasure.  

If you want symmetry in your artworks’ shapes and colors, then you could practice with Color by Numbers, first. We chose the right colors for each drawing’s palette to make sure the pixel artwork is coherent and makes sense. You don’t have to worry about choosing the right colors to depict highlights and shadows. We already did that for you!

5 benefits of coloring for adults

Coloring alone can bring many wonders to those who grind from 9 to 5. Using Color by Numbers app, you can also get these benefits.

It teaches color awareness.

Through coloring, you can learn how colors affect everything—from moods to persuasion. If you work in marketing, learning this is crucial. Choosing the right colors that will entice your customers will help you sell more. For example, healthy people like blue, while people who feel sad tend to lean on shades of gray. If your call-to-action buttons match your customers’ moods, it’s more likely that they will buy or subscribe to your service.

color awareness - color by numbers
jumpstart creativity

It can jumpstart your creativity.

You know the saying, “learn the basic rules before you break them?” It’s also true in creativity. Before you can break boundaries and create ideas that make a real impact, you have to start with the basics. Coloring is one of the easiest activities that can jumpstart your creativity. That’s because you’re learning about the color combinations—what works and what doesn’t. Through mastering this, you’ll have the confidence needed for experimenting and achieving true creativity. 

It brings you into a meditative state.

Coloring is a calming activity that requires focus. Because of this, coloring makes it easy for adults to reach a meditative state. This is especially true when you color a mandala. A mandala can either have simple or intricate details, but either way requires concentration. As a result, when you color mandalas, you will be more present at the moment. Your worries about the past and the future will slowly melt away. 

meditative state

It lowers anxiety levels.

Anxiety is one of the most common problems adults are facing today. It may have even worsened because of the lockdowns. What’s a cheap and easy but effective way to combat anxiety? Coloring. Because coloring requires your undivided attention, it will also calm your nerves by diverting your attention to coloring. It will even be more effective if the patterns and shapes are symmetrical.  

It’s convenient and practical.

Coloring doesn’t require many tools for you to do it. You also don’t need to spend a ton of money just to feel satisfied with this activity. Coloring is even more hassle-free when you’re using a coloring book app such as Color by Numbers. You can take it anywhere and use it anytime you’re comfortable doing it. You won’t even need a drawing pen or color pencils. Just tap on the pixels and you will finish in no time. 

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