Improve Concentration with Color By Number Apps

Do you find yourself having difficulty concentrating? Worry not, losing concentration is normal, and many people face the same problem from time to time. There are many ways to improve concentration, but did you know that you can also enhance your focus with the help of color by number apps?

There’s a lot of reasons why we are unable to concentrate sometimes. We know you would agree that losing your focus when you most need it can damage your work, school, and personal life. 

While we enjoy daydreaming at work, it makes us unproductive and may even cause us to be distracted. Concentration difficulty has also caused many students to fail at school. 

In this blog post, we will discuss how color by number apps can help you regain your focus. First, allow us to walk you through the things that may cause you to lose concentration. 

Concentration—Why it’s hard

When you’re having difficulty concentrating, there is a decrease in your ability to focus your attention on something. This can be related to impulsiveness, overactivity, intrusive concerns, inattention, or difficulty staying awake. 

The cause could be due to cognitive, medical, or psychological problems. It could also be because of substance abuse or sleep disorders. 

We rely on our ability to concentrate on getting through our work or school every day. And when we’re unable to focus, we cannot think clearly or maintain our focus on a task. These things don’t go without any consequences, of course.

Our lack of concentration can impact our performance at work or school, more so our decision-making. 

While many factors can cause concentration difficulty, emotional stress and tiredness are the most common. Some people are also unable to focus due to hormonal changes, such as those experienced by expectant mothers. 

Concentration difficulty, to a greater degree, may also be related to certain psychological and physical conditions (i.e., children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD). 

The other causes of concentration difficulty are the following:



Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which you suffer sleeplessness. It could be acute (short term) or chronic (long-lasting). 

When we sleep, we allow our body to heal and repair our heart and blood vessels. We reduce stress, improve memory, and re-energize. 

On the other hand, when we don’t get enough sleep, our body doesn’t get the repair it needs. Plus, we impair our memory and we are likely to feel weak the next day. 

Scientists found that sleep deprivation leads to lower concentration and alertness. 

Major depressive disorder


We all feel sad from time to time, and that’s because sadness is a natural part of being human. We get sad when a loved one dies, or when we go through difficult life challenges. 

But when we feel sad for extended periods of time, it could be a mark of something more serious like major depressive disorder (MDD). 

MDD is not something you should just ignore. It can impact your mood, behavior, and physical functions. You will likely lose appetite and get trouble sleeping. 

Depressive symptoms, like change in appetite, sleeping problems, lack of energy, restlessness, can affect your ability to concentrate. 

Alcohol use disorder


Alcohol abuse occurs when you drink so much that your body becomes dependent on alcohol. Eventually, your body will recognize alcohol as the most important thing in your life. 

Those who suffer from alcohol use disorder continue to drink (impulsively) even when they are already facing negative consequences. 

Alcohol abuse has ruined thousands of relationships. It even caused thousands of people to lose their job. Abusers tend to neglect personal hygiene, lose appetite, and become violent. 

These side effects lead to several negative consequences, including the inability to concentrate. 

How Color by Number Apps Help Improve Concentration

There are many ways to improve your concentration, and one of the most prominent ways is to engage in activities that allow you to focus. 

Color by number apps have become an international trend as more adults found it very comforting and relaxing. Researchers agree that coloring can significantly improve mental health. 

A good mental health means good decision-making and the ability to focus on tasks. It also means excellent logical and critical thinking. 

How color by number apps fight insomnia


Color by number apps are designed to ease the mind. The design in the coloring page is composed of small numbered pixels, and each number represents the color that you must apply. 

As you fill the pixels with colors, your mind concentrates on the activity at hand. You are likely to focus your attention on picking colors and completing the artwork.

Consequently, this relaxes your mind and kicks away thoughts that cause you not to fall asleep. 

Many people cannot sleep because of restless thoughts and negative thinking. Color by number apps are carefully designed to keep your mind focused on the art activity rather than on undue anxieties. 

When you have a relaxed mind, you are likely to get better sleep. Good sleep results in good concentration!

Weaken depressive symptoms by using color by number apps


Going through therapy can help treat depression. Yet, not everyone has the luxury to pay therapists. If you can, we recommend reaching out to health experts and talk about what you have been feeling. 

You can use color by number apps to further treat depression. In a study, a group of participants was asked to use adult coloring books. In conclusion, the participants showed significantly lower levels of depressive symptoms. 

Experts say that daily coloring “can improve some negative psychological outcomes.” Plus, coloring is an effective, inexpensive, and high accessible self-help tool for people with depression. 

Color by number apps help in therapy for alcohol abuse


Therapists widely use art therapy to help alcoholics manage behavior and addiction, improve or restore their functioning and personal well-being, foster self-awareness, reconcile emotional conflicts, and improve reality orientation, according to the American Art Therapy Association.

Research supports that color (and other art activities) offers therapeutic benefits to those who suffer alcohol abuse as it allows them to express and reflect on themselves. 

Note here, however, that coloring is not art therapy, but it is therapeutic. Coloring works the same way to that of meditation—it relaxes the mind. 

This activity occupies the parts of the brain that stops any anxiety-related mental imagery. Basically, when you’re coloring, your mind gets “occupied,” giving no room to anxiety, worry, and constant thinking of drinking alcohol. 

People who suffer from alcohol abuse should seek help. Then, they can use color by number apps as an addition to their therapy to further improve themselves even when at home. 

Download a Color by Number App

There are thousands of color by number apps in the market today, and picking the best one can give you a headache. iColor Club brings you Color by Number app, one of the most downloaded color by number apps today. 

It has dozens of features that you will love, including hundreds of coloring pages that can improve your concentration.

The Color by Number app from iColor Club offers a collection of coloring pages in various themes. From fashion, lifestyle, delectable food, anime, patterns, landmarks, flowers, mandalas, to your favorite Disney characters, you can find them all on this coloring app. 

The numbered pixels will guide you through picking the right colors. This adult coloring app also allows you to share your artwork with other artists within the iColor Club community. 

Use it anytime, anywhere

Like other color by number apps, iColor Club is a great tool that you can use anywhere you are, and anytime you want. 

Grab your phone, and with just a swipe of your finger, you can access thousands of coloring pages and a rich color palette. If you need to continue on your errand, you can always leave the app and resume your artwork in your free time. 

iColor Club automatically saves your work, so you don’t have to worry about getting back to square one. 

It’s for everyone

Coloring apps have the connotation that it is solely for children. But science proves otherwise. It has been proven that coloring offers therapeutic benefits among adults. Hence, there was a spike in demand for adult coloring apps.

iColor Club has a library of various coloring pages, both for children and adults. Plus, you can easily access all the coloring tools, making it a great app even for those not tech-savvy. 


Concentration plays a significant role in our lives. We rely on it every time we have a task on hand. It’s something you don’t want to lack when you’re at work or school. 

Many factors  can cause your mind to wander even when you don’t want to. Sometimes, the cause is psychological. We highly suggest that you seek help from health professionals. 

You can turn to color by number apps as another tool to improve your ability to concentrate. 

Related Questions

Aside from coloring, how can I strengthen my attention?

Meditation, along with other memory exercises, can help you strengthen your concentration. Read books slowly, and practice attentive listening. 

What are the benefits of coloring for children?

Coloring can improve children’s spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, motor development, concentration, creativity, self-expression, and shape recognition.