Coloring by Numbers App with Detailed and Complicated Designs

Are you looking for a coloring by numbers app with detailed and complicated designs? You’ve come to the right place. Our two coloring by numbers apps, Fashion Pixel Art and Color by Number, have fun drawings with intricate details. They’re all waiting for you to fill them in with colors. 

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However, we know you have a few questions in your mind. Are the color by number drawings easy or hard to color? In this post, we answered those questions. We also discussed the basics of coloring by numbers and some tips on how to color complicated designs. We talked about why you also need hobbies that challenge you as well. 

Coloring by numbers: Detailed and complicated designs 

On our Color by Numbers app, we bring the promise of giving you satisfaction with little effort. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no challenge in store for you! After all, where’s the fun in getting what you want so easily, right? So, we prepare detailed and complicated designs for you that will require patience and an eye for detail. 

Are the Color by Numbers drawings hard to color?

Not really. In fact, our drawings are easy to color and you can finish them in five minutes if you want to. However, as the drawings get more intricate, the colors also increase. That means you might color more than 20 sets of pixels. Phew. So, it can still get challenging because you will need to fill in many pixels.

The basics of coloring by numbers 

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Before we give you the tips on coloring a drawing with many details, let’s start exploring the basics of coloring by numbers. We know anyone can get the idea of coloring by numbers; after all, it’s basically just following instructions. Well, actually, it’s more than that… 

It’s not just for kids. 

Coloring, as an activity, has come a long way. Before, when you hear about coloring, you’d imagine children grasping chubby crayons and coloring some books without inhibition. Today, coloring has become a popular relaxing (and challenging) hobby for adults because of its calming ability and convenience. Coloring by numbers is just one variation, though. Whether you use adult coloring books, acrylic paint, or an app like Color by Numbers, you will surely feel a quick but refreshing break from the daily hustle and bustle. 

Coloring by numbers also takes patience. 

You will still require patience in coloring by numbers, especially if drawing is rendered in pixels. Besides, artworks and coloring books for adults are more intricate than those ones for kids. Our app, Color by Numbers, is the same; it comes with both detailed and simple drawings. So, have some patience when coloring by numbers. Plus, if you like to follow your intuition in coloring, then you will need extra of it. 

It teaches you about self-regulation. 

Coloring by numbers teaches kids about self-regulation. However, you can learn that in this activity, as well. Coloring is not a chore, but you still have to finish it and make sure to follow the instructions. To make this possible, you need to impose self-regulation. By doing that, you’ll trust yourself more and you’ll have more confidence in taking challenges in other areas of your life. 

Coloring by numbers is highly satisfying. 

The satisfaction you feel as you slowly complete a numbered artwork is truly underrated. It’s just so satisfying! One minute you had a blank stencil or doodle filled with numbers, and in a few squiggles here and there… you now have an artwork that gets more alive by the minute. The satisfaction from coloring by numbers is truly one of a kind. 

It’s better when you don’t hurry all the time. 

We know you tend to get excited to finish your artwork and share them on social media. However, based on our experience, it’s better when you don’t hurry when you’re coloring by numbers. If you do, you will treat it as a chore and not a relaxing activity. Sometimes, it’s better that you take your time in little activities like this. You need to relax even when you’re doing something, too. 

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How to use our coloring by numbers app with detailed and complicated designs 

Now that you know the basics of coloring by numbers, it’s time to learn tips on how to take on detailed designs. What if you’re coloring a real picture of a lion or a woman? Surely, these artworks have more details than the average pixel artwork. So, if you’re a beginner, follow these tips: 

1. Start with the background if you’re coloring a scene. Starting with a drawing’s background will provide you with a frame. This will help you gain more focus when you’re coloring your subjects in the foreground.

2. Go from the biggest shapes to the smaller ones. This is also a faster way of finishing a drawing. But as we said, take your time.

3. Color the dark shades before the light colors. Similar to starting with a background, coloring the dark shades will give you a frame. It will isolate the smaller shapes as well.

4. If you’re coloring a person, start with the skin. You will make fewer mistakes when you know where their body starts and ends.

5. Use the zoom tool. If you’re using the Color by Numbers app, use the zoom-in tool to your advantage. Zoom in until the numbered pixels fill the screen.

6. Don’t skip numbers. It’s better to finish coloring the matching pixels of each number, first. Your coloring experience will be more efficient and fast this way.

Why you need hobbies that challenge you

coloring by number hobby

Coloring by numbers is just one of the hobbies that challenge and relax you at the same time. However, why do you need hobbies that challenge you? Isn’t relaxing the point of doing hobbies, and not performing? We do agree that’s the point of having hobbies, but it’s not the only one. We believe that you need hobbies that challenge you for these reasons: 

You will form new friendships. 

Feeling lonely and sick of cabin fever this quarantine? We suggest you take on a new challenging hobby. You will meet people who will be more than happy to help you in overcoming a hard level or practicing a hard coloring technique. In no time, you will form friendships that might last a lifetime. In our two apps, for instance, you can share your artwork with our community of coloring enthusiasts. 

You will get smarter and sharper. 

Of course, this goes without saying, but hobbies will make you smarter. However, we are not just talking about that little library in your brain getting filled with more knowledge. We’re talking about becoming more clever and strategic. When encountering challenges in your hobbies, you learn how to solve them instead of backing down. As a result, you learn about how to approach problems in other areas of your life. Most importantly, you learn not to give up.

You gain confidence in yourself. 

When you start a new hobby like coloring, you will make many mistakes. You won’t get it right the first time. Things will eventually frustrate you that you will want to ditch the hobby because “you’re not good at it.” However, you must never give up. As you dive deep into a hobby, you will get better. As a result, you will gain confidence in yourself in the long run. You will trust yourself more to take risks, fast-tracking your personal growth. 

It builds on your personality. 

What makes you interesting? What fills your eyes with that gleam of joy? The reality of life is that humans will grow old. Eventually, the beauty we have right now will fade. We will have wrinkles and our teeth will fall out. That’s why if you want to be interesting—and continue being interesting as you age—you must invest in your passions as well and not just your external appearance. Through doing challenging hobbies, you will naturally ooze out fervor and enthusiasm, thus building your personality. 


As you can see, taking on challenges every once in a while for your personal growth. That is why even though Color by Number aims to give you satisfaction without requiring much effort, we still added detailed drawings on our app just for you. We have different categories of pixel artwork at your beck and call—from animals to food to everyday items. 

Related questions 

Are the Fashion Pixel Art app and Color by Numbers app free?

Yes, they are free to download on the App Store for all iOS devices. 

What’s the best coloring by numbers app on Android? 

For now, Fashion Pixel Art and Color by Number are not available on Android devices. However, we recommend BitColor and Happy Color if you have an Android phone. 

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